Who I am

  I have been involved in the North Peace Pride Society since Sept 2017, becoming President in March 2018. It’s exciting and stressful sometimes but it fills my heart with pride to be a part of something that shows how much support the LGBTQ+ community has in Fort St John.

   Fort St John has been my home for the last 32 years. I have seen a lot of changes happen, both positive and negative, but what stands out in my mind was the first Pride walk. I thought for sure there would be negative blowback from the community and that attendance would be really low, I thought I was alone.

That first walk really showed how much Fort St John has progressed and showed that we are not a “Red Neck” city. It was that walk that moved me to join the Pride Society and eventually become the President. I look forward to the years ahead which will bring new challenges and bigger and better Pride Events.